Dr. Hannigan




Did you ever see yourself years ago as a science teacher?

Yes, but not at high school. I thought I wanted to teach at college, but I have since come to really enjoy interacting with teenagers.

What do you find to be the most rewarding thing about teaching?

I really enjoy watching someone have one of those I get it moments. It is very rewarding for me. Also, I enjoy when students realize they can actually do something they thought they couldn't. The most important part of educating students is to empower them to accomplish what they set out to do.

How long have you been teacher?

Everyone is a teacher, and has been teaching since they were born. Formally, I have been a teacher about 5 years.

How long have you been a faculty member of Houlton High School?

About 5 years.

What encouraged you to be a teacher?

I came back to Houlton to be near family. My desire to make a difference in the world has led me to the teaching profession.

What classes do you teach?

Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, and Biochemistry

Has science always been a main interest of yours?


Other than science what are some of your other interest and hobbies?

Camping, Civil War History, and Gardening.