In November of 2006 Eric and Laurel started building their custom frame and in no time at all had the built motor from "OVER TYME" into place on the frame.


        This was the first unveiling of Uncontrollable Chaos, not many people had even seen the truck since Eric and Laurel had  started building in late November of '06.


This was the 4th of July of 2007, Eric and Laurel had both gone through the Houlton mud pit in under four seconds.



In July 2007 Eric, Laurel, Bob Smart and Bub Theriubt loaded up the mud trucks and headed for the mudruns in Hunnewell Valley.


Here are some more photos from the runs in Hunnewell Valley.

By the end of the 2007 Mud Run season Eric and Laurel had finished first in class 6 and 7.