Clubs and Organizations


World Wrestling Entertainment- biggest wrestling promoter/company on earth. bought out many small organizations and some bigger ones including ECW and WCW. Based in Greenwich, Connecticut and owned by Vincent Kennedy McMahon who was born in that town. It has three shows (RAW, SMACKDOWN!, and a show named after the company they bought, ECW) which air on Mondays at 9-11, Tuesday at 10-11, and Friday at 8-10. It's biggest attraction is Wrestlemania which sells out faster and more often than the renowned superbowl. It also has 6 of the world's most recognizable championships out of 9!


Total Nonstop Action- an America based show started by an ex-wrestler from the WWE and his dad. They get their wrestlers from the huge list of free agents that WWE is responsible for making. They are most noted for leasing the NWA world heavyweight title until 2019.


Ohio Valley Wrestling- Based in the Ohio Valley (oddly enough), they are the sole supplier of talent to the WWE and TNA. Such notable stars who came from there are John Cena, Christy Hemme, John Morrison, Melina, and Joey Mercury. They have many people come in and wrestle in small local promotions but some break away into the big leagues.